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A Garden Of Salt

A Garden of Salt - Omnibus Edition

About This Book

This omnibus edition of Felicity Savage’s debut duology, first published by Penguin ROC, includes Humility Garden and Delta City. Step into the world of Salt, where the gods have ruled among humans for centuries. Now a new movement has taken grip, denying the gods are masters and thrusting the world into chaos.

Amid countless enemies, in a wondrous realm of divine beauty and ruthless politics, young Humility Garden embarks on a journey that will teach her the secret ways of the ghostiers–and the power of eternal love.

In the sequel, Delta City, atheists and gods struggle for the hearts and minds of the populace. Young Humility Garden has been deposed along with the gods she served, and now faces her greatest challenge–to confront her enemies in the final battle between gods and men.