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A Trickster in the Ashes

The EVER Trilogy - Part Three

About This Book

“The tricksters are nearly all dead,” Crispin said in Lamaroon.

     “What the hell I ever did ta deserve this…”

     Crispin switched into Ferupian. “I’ve met a couple who survived because they protected themselves with silver; and a couple more—like me—who survived because we were resisting our own talent all along.”

     “Ya forgotten how to speak Throssomi?” Macafryan  inquired pugnaciously. “Huh? I said, what about those hills?”

     Crispin looked at him and said in an alloy of Yanglo and Creddezi, “There’s nothing in them now except dope farmers. But if there were, if there were still daemons in the world, I would tear the gorgon out of the engine of this ‘heap’ and have it sit on your lap and spit in your face and then claw the fried-egg alcohol-poached eyes out of your loaflike head.”

     “Well? We gonna go there or ain’t we? It’s gettin’ dark. Hurry this thing up!” 


World-building fantasy, in the tradition of masters such as Gene Wolfe and C.J. Cherryh, is what Felicity Savage has forged in The Daemon in the Machine and The War in the Waste, the first two parts of the EVER trilogy. Now in A Trickster in the Ashes she delivers the grand finale, the resolution that fulfills all which has come before.

The war that divided Oceania for a hundred years is over, and Crispin has achieved wealth and anonymity as a middleman for a drug-smuggling monopolist. On the far side of the continent, Crispin’s first lover Rae Akila has joined a cult that worships daemons. And in Okimako, Mickey Ash fights Greater Significance for the right to live.

When these three come together again, the world will change.