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Black Wedding and Five More Funerals

ISBN: 978-1937396046

About This Book

“I feel like I can tell you anything,” Haly said. She squinted intensely at Julia from behind a cloud of cigarette smoke that looked bluish in the afternoon sunlight.

     Julia laughed at her, not believing it. “OK. So tell me why you got kicked out of prep school.”

     “Because I murdered my roommate.” Haly grinned. She was the only full-tuition-paying, ex-Choate person Julia had ever met with crooked teeth. “You don’t believe me, do you?”


Here it is, the first short story collection from Felicity Savage, the book they’ll never dare sell in airports.

Six stories about tourists, travellers, and good girls gone astray in the Ivy League. Six ways to die.

Black Wedding and Five More Funerals may just change your mind about ever getting on an airplane again. Even to go back to college.