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Delta City

A Garden of Salt - Book Two

About This Book

“Ghost me,” Arity said.

     “Don’t be absurd,” Sol barked. “I don’t know what has happened to you, my Heir, but even in this state, you aren’t expendable.” He did not have quite the nerve to say, And even if you weren’t Heir, speaking from a purely aesthetic perspective I don’t know that your death would be justified. The other Hands Pati had sent him had at least been compelling, as all gods were compelling; but Arity, the original of the type Pati’s lovers all belonged to, looked too human to possess that ethereal intensity. He was neither, nor.  Always had been.

     How was he alive?

     “I have my limits,” Sol said. “Neither you nor Pati can force me to violate my art.”


She played the game, just like they taught her.

And she lost everything.

Humility Garden is a broken woman, crippled and alone.

But the violent changes sweeping Salt make despair a luxury that Humility can’t afford. With a militant atheistic movement on the march, the remaining survivors of the old order begin to plan their revolt against the sadistic new Divinarch. And Humility’s own sister is on the wrong side.

To restore peace to Salt, Humility will have to confront the gods themselves.