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Finity: A Short Story of Mars Colonization

About This Book

“Obviously we’ve got to beat the Chinese,” Raphaella said. She extended one leg straight out in a yoga pose that only looked easy. She had abs now, and her brain was no longer populated by lemming-hordes of panicky thoughts about dying alone. The doctor had told her she had a problem with her cortisol, and given her adrenal support meds. Just like that, what she had always thought of as her demons had vanished. She breathed in, breathed out, smelling the smell of socks that permeated even the most advanced Russian facilities. 

     Off-camera, the producer mentioned the fact that Raphaella’s own surname was Chinese.

     “Yeah, but I never met the cunt. Did a runner before I was born. My mother’s maiden name was Winston. She never divorced him. She was punishing him, see?”


How would it feel to be one of the first pioneers to colonize Mars?

Raphaella signed up on an impulse. She never thought she’d actually get there. But now it turns out that her worst enemy isn’t the Red Planet. It’s what came with her.

First published in Amazing Stories, this new short story explores a controversial new way to reach Mars: a mission funded by reality-TV broadcasts.