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Humility Garden

A Garden of Salt - Book One

About This Book

     Humi saw as many gods as humans. Members of the Divine Guard. The strange faces. Each god’s body seemed cast in a different, unique form. She was too dazzled by their strangeness to tell their genders. Their intense, pure voices rang out louder than the mortals’, louder than the birds, effortlessly, like melodies over the sound of the sea.

     A sharp fingernail meandered down her spine. She yelped and spun.

     “Hello, Humility,” Arity, Heir to the Divinarchy, said. “You were the ghost that spoke, weren’t you?” There had been no whiff of sulphur; he must have arrived the ordinary way, by coming up behind her. His face glowed a smooth green in the light from the lanterns in the nearby oasis. He turned to Erene. “You’re late. The entire Ellipse is milling around, waiting for you. Where have you been?”

     “I had a thing to talk over with my apprentice,” Erene said smoothly. “I told the porter to take us by a longer route.” Humi marveled at her demeanor. Arity might have been a friend Erene had just met in the street—never mind that he was a god. Never mind that seconds earlier, Erene had been plotting to deprive him of his throne. “What is the Heir to the Divinarchy doing out in the courtyard,” she asked, “when assassins may lurk around every corner?”

     “Picking dandelions,” Arity said shortly. He began to walk towards the palace, his heel talons clicking on the cobbles.


An ordinary girl from the countryside … sucked into a corrupt, elite society obsessed with sex and death.

Humility never expected to leave her hardscrabble farming village, until Beau, her beautiful cousin, was chosen for the cruel ritual of ghosting. Now Delta City gleams like a diamond, drawing them to a future beyond their control and a destiny entwined with the world of Salt’s.

To survive in this decadent realm, Humility must work out who she really is … and how far she’s willing to go for justice.