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Love in Japan: Coming Clean and Four More Ways of F**king Up

ISBN: 978-1937396053

About This Book

“I had psoriasis on my arms, recurrent stomach pain, and occasional trouble focusing my eyes on things in the distance. I was also a heavy smoker. When I lay down to sleep, usually at seven or eight o’clock in the morning, my heartbeat would speed up and random parts of my body would go numb. I had a permanent collection of pimples on my forehead. Sometimes I thought my symptoms were those of a fatal disease. Sometimes I thought they were psychosomatic symptoms of moral decay. At these times I would fantasize about quitting my job in Tokyo. I’d have been giving up the best money I’d ever made – more money than I ever could have made at journalism, my first career, or teaching – but all you can do with money is buy stuff, anyway.”


A collection of novellas about women on the wrong side of the world, by turns bleak and incisively funny, Love In Japan draws on the author’s experience as an expat to paint devastating portraits of five women grappling with a foreign culture and their own desires. From a grotty Tokyo hostess club to the hinterlands of China, this is the real, unsanitized Far East. Felicity Savage pulls off her first literary collection with rage and brio.