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Music To Die By

ISBN: 9781937396039

About This Book

I went back through the grey room, past the manager’s office and the restroom, looking for another way out. There was an emergency exit, but it was padlocked.

I retrieved my shoulderbag, threw on my coat, and ducked back through the side door. I didn’t have a plan. All I knew was that I had to keep Ned away from the band. I couldn’t be sure that he wouldn’t approach me in front of them, and I was even less sure of my own ability to deny to his face that we’d ever met. I wasn’t even sure that would be the best line to take. He might react unpredictably.

“Shanti, you’re not skipping out?” Nina said in astonishment.

“You’re on PR duty, gorgeous,” I said. “Oh, I left my hatbox back there. Could you take it home with you? I’ll come over and pick it up tomorrow or sometime.”


A singer in Tokyo’s scuzzy indie rock scene, Shanti Hazard buried her past long ago. But when childhood friend Ned turns up in the audience at one of her band’s shows, he threatens to reveal the ugly secret he and Shanti share.

Determined to protect her friends and bandmates, Shanti plots to outwit Ned, but a botched cover-up leads to murder and a tightening web of deception, as the band clashes with the merciless Japanese legal system.

Ultimately, to defeat her past, Shanti will have to confront it… and Ned… before someone else dies.

Music to Die By plunges the reader into the gritty world of the Japanese indie rock scene, building to a shocking climax. A suspense novel in the tradition of The Beach and The Secret History, Music To Die By combines an authentic sense of place with compulsive storytelling.