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The Daemon in the Machine

The EVER Trilogy - Part Two

About This Book

“I don’t think there’s any way we can land here! Do you have any ideas?”

     Mickey grabbed the speaking tube close to his ear. “Why do we have to land?” He glanced down through the slipstream at slopes and miniature cliffs, crags and dusty red gullies reduced by height to deceptively shallow wrinkles.

     “Why d’you think? I can keep her in the air maybe another fifteen minutes.”

     Mickey had thought his terror glands deactivated by exhaustion and nervous overload. He’d been wrong. “I don’t want to die!” he muttered aloud, “dammit, not now—”

     “What? What? Speak up!”

     “You couldn’t fit a motorbike down any of these valleys!”

     “Well, the daemon’s senile: I might be able to convince it this crate is a motorbike…” Crispin’s voice wandered: he must be mentally wrestling to keep the daemon from giving up altogether.


The epic battle joined in EVER Part One: The War in the Waste continues in the second volume of Felicity Savage’s groundbreaking EVER trilogy, The Daemon in the Machine.

Kirekune is winning the war in the Wraithwaste, but a Significant victory will have terrible consequences for humans and daemons… and for Crispin, the daemon handler turned trickster who is now stranded behind enemy lines.