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The War in the Waste

The EVER Trilogy - Part One

About This Book

 Here in the Apple Hills one often saw airplanes gliding high and silent overhead, on their way to the front from the air bases in Salzeim. But there were no bases in Lovoshire itself, nor (for some reason known only to the Queen) in any of the other heavily forested western domains. Here, the war might as well have been a thousand miles away. People’s everyday business was quite different, and of a great deal of interest to Crispin: it was daemons. It had been years since the circus passed through daemon country. He had only been fifteen the last time around. So this time, Lovoshire held a special attraction for him, too.

     It was an attraction, however, which vanished quickly when he remembered that in the Apple Hills, in Jevanary, it rained every day without fail. He and the other drivers muttered disloyally that it had been a mistake on Mr. Saul’s part to come here in winter. What a fool the Old Gentleman was! The takings were unbelievably meager.



Crispin is a “circus baby,” born in a caravan, working as a daemon handler and aerialist… until an accident on the high wire casts him out into a world even stranger that the circus that nurtured him.

Crispin falls headlong into the arms of Rae, an orphan girl of equally exotic origins. And soars in daemon-powered biplanes over the wastelands of the Raw, joining the awesome battle between Ferupe’s slow-dying Queen and her adversary, the Lizard Significant.